June 15, 2010 Elevate Technologies Launches Online Health Portfolio

Elevate Technologies announces the launch of its online service, Online Health Portfolio. The service is designed to allow users to store their health and wellness data in a secure, accessible, and centralised location. Users can authorise health professionals or family and carers to view their records.The Online Health Portfolio comes with web, PC and mobile access using the iHealth applications for PCs and mobile phones.

Ideal for chronic disease management like Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), the iHealth applications offer users the convenience of automated uploads of measurements from medical devices directly into their accounts where they can be viewed by authorised health professionals and carers. Users will also benefit from a wide range of services including trends analysis, email and sms alerts for appointments, tasks and medication reminders.

Health professionals are able to set sms and email alerts to monitor any irregular measurements by their patients. This is also ideal for parents and carers who want to help their children manage chronic disease like Type I Diabetes.

Used by leading health researchers, the Baker IDI, the Online Health Portfolio costs start from $85 a year but new users can trial it for free. The service is offered free of charge for health professionals. Log on to www.onlinehealthportfolio.com for more information.

Elevate Technologies is committed to enhancing patient doctor communication through the innovative use of leading edge Internet and mobile technologies to provide security, accessiblity and convenience in health care.