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Hesham Soliman is the founder of Elevate Technologies. With over fifteen years of experience in the Telecommunications and Internet industries, his background covers extensive knowledge of GSM and PSTN technologies and advanced understanding of more recent technologies including 3G and beyond. His areas of expertise encompass protocol and system design, Mobility management, Internet security, Multimedia systems for cellular networks (including VoIP), Access security and the next generation of Internet protocols, IPv6. The breadth of his practical knowledge is reflected in the numerous internet specifications and papers he has co-authored relating to these areas. Furthermore, he is the author of the first book to be written detailing the principles behind the next generation internet mobility, an area where he is internationally recognized as an expert.

Hesham is a member of scientific committees and a guest reviewer for several IEEE conferences and journals and an invited keynote speaker for numerous world-class conferences and research organisations.

Prior to founding Elevate Technologies, Hesham was a Design Leader within Flarion Technologies' Advanced Networking team and was a pivotal component of developing networking protocol designs for the FLASH-OFDM technology. He also enjoyed the position of Senior Specialist at Ericsson Research in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was a leader of multinational research activities on mobility management, IPv6 and cellular networks.

Hesham's Publications

Mobile IPv6: Mobility in a Wireless Internet, Addison-Wesley, April 2004.

Internet Specifications (Co-author):

Internet Specifications (Contributor):


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